Thanks so much for visiting us! We are two moms with the same goal. Being able to work from home and truly put our family first. Think about that for a moment. Family First.  We believe that may have a different meaning to many. For us, it doesn’t mean being over-scheduled and constantly living with deadlines.  Life is crazy enough all by itself.  Finding yourself as an individual can be challenging. We love being Moms! It is the one thing we always dreamed of above all else. However, once that happens, it is hard to get back to just being you. Having aHome Business helped us do just that. It had zero to do with anything or anyone else.  Let’s face it when the kids go off on their own, and you’re in the middle of your empty house, what are you going to do? Retirement is not what it used to be.  We want ours to be fulfilling and fun! Don’t you?

If you love working at home or want to know more about how to make money online, then you are in the right place!  Let us start off by saying that we are not just another “Mom Site”.  When we started out back in 2001, the Work at Home Industry was very different from it is today. We have seen just how difficult it was for a Stay-at-Home-Mom to get started. Once you pay to join a company, purchase a kit or products, there usually is no money left for an advertising budget, let alone know where to even begin. Before Social Media entered the picture, online businesses were built with pay-per-clicks, a website, and an email list. Message boards were the line of communication.   The going rate to advertise on a website, that had decent traffic, was way out of the reach for someone just starting out.  We decided to make something that was affordable for everyone.  We wanted it to not only be a place to advertise but somewhere business owners could connect and find information.   After researching what changes others would like to see happen, we formed our own community in 2006.  Changes in our lives took us in different directions so that business along with several others were sold.  In 2013, we came back to what we are most passionate about; helping others. We started out with a Facebook page and found all the other sites we used to frequent were gone or abandoned. Three months later we had a website up and we were back in business!

The Wahm Addict is a resource site that includes free social media management tools, social media marketing services and social media consulting. Maybe you love homemade products or have something to sell.  Perhaps you are in Direct Sales, an Affiliate or in a Multi-Level Marketing company and are looking to expand your team or wanting to showcase your products.  The old school ways of network marketing with others who worked at home actually worked! Talking and making connections with others are a key factor in building relationships. Communication with others that have the same mindset has proven beneficial. We brought all of our resources, knowledge, and experience here to help you make a difference in your business. We also keep up on what is current in the industry, so we can provide the best services possible.   The Wahm Addict brings back the WAHM – Work at Home Mom and applies the new school tools of social media for a novel, exciting place to network and advertise.

What Makes Us Different?

When you purchase advertising with The Wahm Addict, your listing just doesn’t sit there online “waiting” to get noticed.  The Wahm Addict promotes your site and YOU through all of our social media platforms. Everyone wins! Our advertisers gain exposure that would otherwise go unnoticed and we gain new followers because people love what we’re doing!!  It doesn’t end there!  As an owner of a  Business Listing, you are the ONLY representative for your company and in complete control of the content of your listing.

The Wahm Addict™ LLC offers low-cost advertising for individuals who own or operate a home business.   Our services have many options available for all budget ranges and your specific advertising needs.  We also customize advertising packages based on our clients’ needs.  If there’s something new you want to try and you don’t see it offered, just contact us and we will work with you to meet your needs.

The Wahm Addict LLC provides support, advice, resources and much more to not only get you started in your own home business but coach you afterward with tips and motivation to make your business successful! Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to feed your addiction for all things in the Wahm World!