We started working at home before social media.  We found ourselves becoming more involved with finding better ways to save time and money and wanted to share it with everyone who needs it.  That is where the addiction of all things WAHM related began. 

The struggles today are the same.

You can’t make sales if you don’t get seen. With all the various platforms available, marketing is easier than ever before. However, if it were truly that easy, we would all be doing it.  Through research and training, we discovered what works and have been able to help out so many others to make their dreams become a reality.  

A Digital Agency

Much of Social Media Marketing is the strategies that go into the final product or service. Copywriting, search engine optimization, branding are all key components we focus on in helping you build your business.

Forward Thinking

Without Forward Thinking your business will get left behind. Planning ahead to where you want to be and how to get there will contribute to your success.

Problem Solvers

We work with you one-on-one to help you figure out what is needed in your business short term and long term to reach your goals. Setting you up for Success is our #1 priority. 

Customer Support

Client Care is our foundation. We value each and every person we come in contact with. Our personalized support fits each customer’s needs effectively from the first point of contact and beyond. We take pride in the meaningful testimonials our clients have given us through the years.

Linda Chisnall

Linda Chisnall


Linda has a background in Business. Changes in the industry and her family guided her to the Home Business Industry in 2001.  After years of exploring different avenues with direct sales, multi-level marketing and even creating a few websites and affiliate programs along the way, her path always led back to helping others all while putting family first.

Gina Langley

Gina Langley


Gina is a former social worker and special education teacher began working from home in 2001.  Health issues prevented her from working outside of the home in a full-time job capacity.  She, like many other Moms with young kids, started the search for something she could do to work from home.  After dabbling in numerous different work at home opportunities, she decided to go back to what she did best; listening.  Listening and offering advice to other parents who were in the same situation.  Taking an exit from the world of being a commuting part-time parent was not an easy one.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to The Wahm Addict LLC, as not only a consultant but as an actual stay and work at home Mom.

Our Story

The Wahm Addict LLC provides support, advice, resources and much more to not only get you started in your own home business but coach you afterward with tips and motivation to make your business successful! Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to feed your addiction for all things in the Wahm World!

  • Social Media Management 80%
  • Social Media Marketing 80%
  • Facebook Marketing 80%
  • Customer Happiness 100%