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The purpose of displaying your image on a website is to reach the greatest number of potential clients. Don’t be taken in by websites offering to display your image on their website. Do your research first before sending in that payment. Here is why.  Anyone can add an image to a website and charge you a fee. You are then relying on that website traffic for your specific image to be seen.

Do you know how to check the traffic on any given website? We do! Many have been left abandoned or they look pretty or professional but have not been optimized for peak performance.

Placement means everything. SEO or search engine optimization means even more. That is what will get you into the search engines. Google does not read images. Having your image optimized with ALT Tags and proper SEO will tell search engines exactly what the image is.  Making it easier to find you.

Our selection below includes SEO visibility and being placed on our Homepage so your image is one of the first things a viewer sees!  You are welcome to contact us with any questions about this advertising opportunity.

LeaLeaderboard Banner Home Page

This advertising is a Leaderboard banner, size 728 X 90 on our home page.

 There is a waiting list for this option

Price:  $70 for 6 months

Contact us here for details.

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