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Email marketing is part of the basics of business. This is one of many things you can do right now that will make a huge impact on your business. Is it just me or does Social Media seem to be changing at the speed of light or what? Seriously, keeping up with all the changes on every social channel seems like a never-ending task. We all know that Facebook is ALWAYS changing. We complain but we are still hanging on. I know many people who have taken a Facebook break only to find themselves back within a week or two. Crazy right? Then when you add in all the other platforms your head just starts to spin. Not knowing where to go first.

I myself have put all other platforms on the back burner to be laser-focused on my goals and that of my clients. Being everywhere all the time might seem like something you HAVE to do, but trust me – You Don’t!  Sure some of my stats have changed but that happens if I am there or not. People follow and unfollow every day. Chance are those that un-follow truly wasn’t your ideal customer anyway. The one thing I see the most of in business is the lack of keeping up with emails!  As they say, the fortune is in the follow-up!


The stats are unreal at how many times I myself have made an inquiry only to never get a reply. I am moving on to someone who will! It’s that simple. We all have things going on, trust me I get it. I am not talking about responding in a timely fashion. Sure that is important but it’s not a deal breaker for me. After going through my emails sent, I recently found it has been months since I have sent my original email to only hear… crickets.  Once your credibility is lost, it’s game over.

That is the reason I believe it is seriously time to get Back To Basics! Email is still number one and the most effective way for both parties to communicate.  It is worth repeating that your email list is going to make you more money than any social media platform.  Sure you can make money from other social media platforms. Those are meant to be tools to direct people to your email list.  The facts are clear that your email is the only thing you truly own. If all your contacts are inside any platform, you need to change that and quick!  You can email your list anytime you want, without the interruptions that Facebook or any other channel entails.

With all the data breaches and privacy issues, do you really want to risk losing all your work? I know, I don’t.

Social Media

Seems to be a common complaint about the lack of engagement on Facebook Business Pages.  You don’t have to like it, but the facts prove that if done correctly, Facebook is still the number one place to advertise. It is cost-effective and can get you in front of your targeted demographic better and faster than any other platform. Setting up and optimizing your page correctly is going to make a huge difference. I recently did this very thing for a client and she was ecstatic!

Website Updates

Fixing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and images on a clients website, and Facebook Page is getting found her found on Google! Again, these are just part of the things any business owner can do to amp up their online presence.  A beautiful looking website definitely grabs attention, but once a visitor is there, you have to give them what they came for. When I come to your website for specific information and I can’t view it (especially on my phone), I am gone. If I get an instant pop up that forces me to sign up to an email list before going any further, again, bye-bye! If you don’t like certain things about a website you go to, why would you add it to your site? Double check these things and ask someone their thoughts about your site. I would rather get honest feedback and fix things then go on thinking everything is good, wouldn’t you?

After examining many websites, (too many to count) I often find they are lacking meta descriptions and keywords, Images don’t have ALT text and the list goes on. These are all standard practices and if your webmaster is not doing these things, you need to get in touch with them and have them fix it ASAP or better yet, do it yourself so you know it gets done!

Little things you can do

I have a friend that this happened to and she had her website for years and in 10 minutes I created a list of things that were incomplete and told her to go back to her webmaster who was already on the payroll. He fixed these items and she had 3 new clients find her on Google.  Simple things like these can make you money and it doesn’t always have to cost you or it is very affordable. I would have gladly fixed it for her, but I told her she needs to get what she paid for.  You should too!

Not sure where to start? Neil Patel’s blog is packed full of all all the information you need for just about anything with your business including email marketing.


Time is a major concern for us all. Taking the time to do it right can make all the difference. It links with your credibility and the trust you building. These things don’t have to cost money, but everything cost time. There is always a way to handle something and if you need help, just ask. There are no dumb questions – only those that go unasked. Getting back to basics in your business is going to set you up for both your short and your long-term goals.