Business Name: Modēre
Profile Owner : Betsy Smith
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Business Phone Number: 847-431-3536
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Modēre is a US company, with all of our manufacturing right here. We have been selling CLEAN and NON-toxic products in Asia and Europe for almost 30 years.  Those markets are extremely picky about ingredients and safety. We are one of the first companies to ban parabens.  Over 3,000 toxic ingredients have been from our products.  We are now actively trying to get the name out here in the US and Canada!
Having gone through some big changes and we are currently working to get the brand out there by using a digital marketing model.  When you shop you get a $10 off coupon.  When you refer a friend, they get the $10 off and you get another $10 off.  So feel free to try some of our fantastic products.

We have products ranging from toothpaste and mouth rinse ( on the site), skin care, weight loss, dishwasher and laundry pods (that are amazing), supplements and more.

We just purchased a company that has patented and exclusive LIQUID COLLAGEN called Biocell. Developed for joint discomfort, but it is the best anti-aging from the inside out that I have ever discovered.
It is a tasty drink, rich in anti-oxidants too.  We have a plain version called PURE.  LiFE is for general health. SKIN has some ingredients specific to skin and SPORT for athletes!
It is clinically proven to increase your hyaluronic acid levels by 6,000% in 28 days. A matrix of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin which hydrates skin, gums, joints and all connective tissues. It also stimulates hair growth!

I am a mom with grown kids who have all moved to California and although currently in Chicago and Michigan, my plan is to join them.  Working here in Chicago to expand our market.  I have a background in banking and bond trading on the floor at the Chicago Board of Trade. executive recruiter, real estate rehabbing and a few other things.

It is thrilling to be working with Modēre to spread the word about fantastic products and convert as many homes as possible to all CLEAN and NON-TOXIC. That is something that I have been passionate about for a long time. 
I would love to answer any questions about our products. Feel free to call me or email me if you are also passionate about clean and non-toxic products. We should talk as I am always looking for others to help with our mission.

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