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Shaklee has a long history of innovating through science and looking to nature for breakthroughs that are now just a part of our everyday lives. In 1915, visionary Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee invented Vitalized Minerals, one of the first multivitamin supplements in the world. Today, open any cupboard and you’re likely to find multivitamins there.

Since Dr. Shaklee’s first multivitamins, dozens of innovative products have taken shape under the brand.


Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green

At Shaklee, we believe nature holds the answers to a long and healthy life. That’s why we take extraordinary measures to bring you truly life-enhancing products, and to guarantee the quality, safety, and effectiveness of every one of them.  We guarantee all of our products, and we trust you’ll believe in them, too. When you sell Shaklee products, you’re making a difference to the well-being of others and to the planet.

“Follow the laws of nature, and you’ll never go wrong.” ~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Did You Know?

Shaklee consumers have used our products an average of 18.5 years. My Shaklee business means a lot to me. I take the whole idea of creating healthier lives for people seriously. We live in a world that needs more people who care about making a difference in their community, in their family and in their self.

But that’s not all, I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor for many reasons:

Earning Potential
Shaklee’s Solid Track Record
Family Time
The Shaklee Difference
Clinical Studies
Social Media & Marketing

I believe as a Shaklee Distributor I really can help improve lives.


Watkins Products
Profile Owner : Darlene Demell
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Many people still to this day have no idea what Watkins is or what we sell. Watkins was started back in 1868 by JR Watkins. He began his home business with the bottle of Red Liniment which we still sell today. It has a trial mark on the back of the bottle and Watkins guarantee that if you used the liniment to this mark and were not totally satisfied you would get a full refund. There is no trial mark today other than on the red liniment and the white liniment. Today with almost 400 products to choose from, Watkins still honors the money back guarantee of every single product.

Back in those days when Watkins was starting out, it was door to door by horse and buggy. By 1894,  Watkins had renamed his business as The  J.R. Watkins Medical Company.

Gold Medal Winners

Ah, Paris—home of the International Exposition. Where Art Deco emerges as the predominant style and the recently renamed J.R.Watkins Company wins gold medals for its Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, and Black Pepper—medals you can still see on our packaging today.

Switching Gears for World War II

Men joined the armed forces, women entered the workforce and Watkins devoted 90% of its production capacity to support the Allied war effort. To fill government contracts, Watkins produced dried eggs, powdered juice packets, vitamin tablets, hospital germicide and DDT and insecticide powder.

Famous “Watkins Man” Launches Career

The unstoppable Bill Porter began his career as a Watkins Man, walking door-to-door in his Portland, Ore., sales territory despite crippling cerebral palsy. His indomitable spirit and steadfast perseverance propelled him through a 50-plus year career with Watkins, inspired others along the way. He has been featured in countless news stories and was the subject of a 2002 Emmy award-winning television movie, “Door to Door” on TNT.

Sadly to say Bill Porter passed away a few years ago and was still working his Watkins business.

J.R. Watkins offers a new way to refresh your home with its Natural Home Care line, introduced in August of 2007. The non-toxic, plant-based formulas are biodegradable and phosphate free. And, the launch of the J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary line brings back tried-and-true, over-the-counter remedies, many of which are NPA-certified. Customers who already love J.R. Watkins Vanilla, Pepper and Cinnamon rejoice when the line is expanded to include more than 20 spices and seasoning blends. And in 2008, we continue to increase our standards of natural.

Freedom Code

You won’t need a decoder ring or a biochemist to help you read the ingredients lists for J.R. Watkins products. We declare our products (and our customers) free from unsafe and unnatural ingredients.

Bath and Body

Ingredients We Avoid:

Chemical Sunscreen
Formaldehyde Donors
Mineral Oil
Synthetic Polymers

Ingredients We Avoid:

High Fructose Corn Syrup
No Added MSG

Home Care

Ingredients We Avoid:

Chlorine Bleach
Formaldehyde Donors
Sulfuric Acid
Synthetic Polymers


Ingredients We Avoid:



Watkins has a great variety of products. We have Gourmet,  Bath and Body, Health and Home Care. Each month we have specials featured which can be seen here  Just be sure to check either the US or Canadian price list. You can also see the whole list of our products there as well.

I started my home business with Watkins back in 2000. My best friend had been after me for years to join but I was in a business already and didn’t really want another one. I looked through the book and was surprised at what I saw. I remember the Watkins man coming to our house when I was a kid, and he would take out some products and let us smell, taste or feel. I remember that so clearly. My mother always bought Watkins products. So I decided to give it a try. I have never been happier with a business as I am with Watkins. I have met so many wonderful people, I have learned so much over the years, and my home is filled with wonderful aromas from all the Watkins products. I have a lot of customers and I must say in the 15 years with Watkins I have not once had a dissatisfied customer. That says a lot.

You really have to check us out to see what all we offer. Everyone should have Watkins products in their home. They truly are the absolute best, and they are all natural.

Watkins has many programs we can enter to win trips and prizes. Like this one, Grand Prize Getaway Trip to Iberostar Playa Mita, Riviera Nayarit! Dates:   April 19-April 24, 2016 Your whole trip is paid for by Watkins. You just go and enjoy!

Watkins is now allowing some stores to sell our products. They are allowed to have 20 products on hand and it’s part of our Brand Awareness program which, in turn, helps us, consultants.

We have a free website for training and conference calls weekly. This site is where we find out about new happenings with Watkins before anyone else knows about them. So much information there, but you have to be a consultant to gain access.

We have the jr Watkins site where we order from and our customers can order from as well. Then we have the website to send people to if they are interested in finding out more about the business and how to join. They can go here   The cost to join is $29.95 with 3 free websites for all consultants. So, if you are interested in giving it a try, you have until the end of the year at the special price. I don’t think Watkins will offer this again.

Social Media

We are allowed to make a Facebook page for our business and advertise any way we like. We are not allowed to make our own website. We have enough free ones to guide us along.

Watkins has a great compensation plan as well.

Watkins services the US and Canada, Northwest Territories, Hawaii, and Guam.

Shipping is $11.95 for orders under $100. Shipping is free if orders are $100 or more. Get your friends together, do one large order and get free shipping along with great discounts and Achievement bonuses.

Why choose me as your sponsor?

As a sponsor for my team members, I am always available to answer questions and help everyone along. When I haven’t got the answer, you have 3 other people you can go to for help and they are our upline executives. I never leave anyone stuck not having answers or helping them out in any way I can. I would love to have you on my team. Check us out today!

CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome
Profile Owner : Linda Chisnall
Business Website Address: CBDaMom
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CBD is the biggest and fastest-growing industry in the home business arena.
We have a standout, years ahead of the competition patented product and a totally free wholesale membership with an optional free business platform. Over 75 products, Free to join, Free personal websites, 60-day money-back guarantee, Third Party Lab Tested, Non-GMO, GMP Certified. Hemp is grown in the USA, 100% organic, Exclusive and Patented 10x Pure Hemp Oil, Paid Weekly, Expanding worldwide. Free Training and support and so many more benefits.

You Say You Have Tried Everything, Have you tried CBD Oil?

The Plant that often works when other medications fail.

I joined CTFO after doing research for myself on CBD Oil. To be honest, my intent was not to become an associate. I was looking for personal use. I was not against the idea, it was just not my main agenda.

I needed to find a way to get my health under control. Everything hit me all once. 3 surgeries were on the table and after all the others, this was going to be a last resort.  I had to find a way to manage my pain. Funny thing is, everyone seems to complain about housework but when you can’t do it and or can’t cook, it can make you feel bad about yourself, especially being a mom.  Taking care of everyone else has always been my thing. Now I couldn’t even take care of me.

For the first half of 2019, all I could do was rest. There is only so much Netflix a person can handle. I did my business from my phone/tablet. Slowly things started to improve, but I still am not where I want to be.  So I started researching CBD Oils and the benefits!

By August 2019,  the pain I was constantly taking meds for is now in a drawer. I am currently taking 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  To be fair, before CTFO, I was given a bottle of the same strength from another popular brand. I did feel more calm and relaxed but the pain was still there until now. I have not even finished my first bottle yet!! To use the word Excited, doesn’t even come close to how I feel now!

So of course, I will not only endorse this company and the products but I will tell everyone about how my business is already growing and I have not even really gotten started. In mid-July 2019, I came down with pneumonia. I am still dealing with it but can’t wait until I am back to the old me again and start telling everyone about this!

Do You Need a “FREE” Work From Home Business?
* NO Startup Fee
* Looking For Serious People 
* Paid Weekly
* Available in 22 Countries!

Why sign up on my team? I have been working at home since 2001, I have done extensive training with top leaders who specialize in online marketing.  The website you found this listing on also has many testimonials from people who have personally worked with me.  I am here to help assist you in building your business!
Totally debt free company! 
CTFO Products Include :

CBD Sprays and Pain Relief
Hair Growth Care
Pet Care
CBD & NON-CBD Products
Skin Care
Weight Control & Wellness

Our products help support or promote

healthy blood sugar regulation
optimal cardiovascular health
healthy cholesterol levels
healthy skin
cartilage and joint function
optimal immune function
healthy energy levels
a sense of well-being and so much more!

This Business is Free to join! 100% Legal, No Fees, No Signups, NO Purchase Needed. Unless you choose too.  
I didn’t want to join another company where an auto-ship was a must. Here it is totally optional. Depends on you and how you want to work your business. #1 rated CBD company worldwide and in 22 countries currently! Our websites include 4-page Certificate of Analysis gives so much more information to make a better choice for yourself and your family. Our manufacturer is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified.

If any of this has your attention and want to know more, check out my Facebook Page for product testimonies and or to the website.

You can contact me at any time and I am happy to help answer your questions or concerns.  Contact me at


Independent Country Naturals Products Consultant, Janelle Schreck
Profile Owner : Janelle Schreck
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Business Phone Number: 206-504-8535
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CBD products and more. 
My name is Janelle Schreck. I love the great outdoors and spending quality time with my family. Country Naturals Products launched in September 2018 and it is our sister company to Country Scents Candles and Country Suds. We offer a variety of CBD products and soon to come more health and wellness products.

Country Naturals Products is owned by power couple Naomi & David Myers and located in Shepherdsville KY. We offer Earth-friendly, cruelty-free products made with only the best ingredients. We are certified KY proud. We believe in offering the best ingredients to our customers at an affordable price. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! Country Naturals Products is our passion. We also offer a variety of different Gourmet Coffees without CBD oil and is so delicious.

What is CBD Oil?
CBD is simply an active chemical compound, or cannabinoid, that’s found in the cannabis plant. The reason it’s becoming so popular across such a wide audience of people right now though is because unlike the other main compound in cannabis (THC), it doesn’t get you high. Full Spectrum CBD can contain the legal amount allowed of .3% or less, and will not get you high. That is not enough THC to produce a high. There have been thousands upon thousands of medical studies showing all of the health benefits that CBD has, but “average” people are loving it because it doesn’t produce any mind-altering psychoactive effects. – marijuana break-author/ Jeff Yauck.

Why Country Naturals chooses CBD Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Oil has all of the cannabinoids in hemp. Consuming full spectrum products can potentially unlock more of the healing benefits of hemp oil. This is achieved through what is often called the “entourage effect.” This “entourage effect” is the combination of terpenes and other cannabinoids working in concert with the CBD. Consumers have reported that this formula further delivers the benefits they are looking for. Imagine having to choose between a plain strawberry smoothie (isolate CBD Oils) and a strawberry smoothie featuring a medley of fruit (full spectrum). Both strawberry smoothies are delicious and nutritional, but the latter contains more flavors and provides a wider range of nutrition, just like the “entourage effect.” In addition to those benefits, the full spectrum contains an assortment of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.
-CBS Infusionz.
Coconut Oil Carrier is the perfect mixture for CBD Oils
As it turns out, coconut oil is pretty much the perfect carrier oil for CBD because of its saturated fat content. The way that cannabinoids work molecularly is, the higher the lipid content of the oil they are in, the better and more efficiently they can dissolve. Coconut oil is up to 90% saturated fat, as opposed to olive oil and hemp seed oil which are only around 14% and 11%, respectively. But don’t worry; since the saturated fat content of coconut oil is composed largely of medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) instead of long-chain triglycerides (LGT’s), you don’t really have to worry about it clogging up your arteries. As it goes, in fact, coconut oil is one of the only natural oils that has a high content of MCT’s. So while this serves as an excellent energy source that is much more easily metabolized than complex carbohydrates or LCT’s, it also serves as the perfect carrier for CBD.

So ultimately, this is the reason why most of the best CBD oils are made with coconut oil as opposed to hemp seed oil; since coconut oil has more saturated fat, it can break down and “carry” more CBD molecules, and ultimately deliver more of it to our cells for absorption.
-MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on May 17, 2018

*Uses for CBD- just to name a few

CBD has many uses
*IBS *Kidney Disease *Mood Disorders *PTSD* Colitis & Crohn’s *Asthma *Arthritis *Bipolar *Autism
*Anorexia *Inflammation *Huntington’s Disease *Rheumatism *Schizophrenia *Skin Conditions *Seizures *Fibromyalgia *Stroke *TBI *Sleep Disorders *Diabetes *ADHD/ADD.

Benefits of CBD

CBD can help with pain relief, depression, anxiety, and many more issues you might be suffering with. We suggest you ask your physician if CBD is right for you.

Where is our CBD from?

Country Naturals CBD is grown in KY on a Certified KY Proud farm and manufactured in KY.

What does Certified KY Proud mean?

For a product to be considered Certified KY Proud the products must be tested often and maintain ingredients that are USA grown and of the highest standards. When you buy a product with the KY proud label you are buying the freshest made products possible. You are also keeping your dollars close to home as you are helping a Kentucky farm family earn a living.

Will I fail a drug test if I use CBD oil?

We can not state that you will or won’t. Our CBD is full spectrum and does contain .3% or less THC (traces of THC). Also overusing CBD (using more than directed) could affect a drug test.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage amount is located on all CBD product packages.

Will this replace my RX medications?

NO! You should always consult with your Doctor before adding any dietary supplements with your medications.

What is the strength of the Oil?

All of Country Naturals has a THC Compound of .3% or less.

Are the products legal in all states?

We have consulted with Lawyer and have been informed that this is legal to buy and sell in most States.

CBD derived from Hemp is legal. (Ours is derived from Hemp) Quote from CBD Origin
If, however, the CBD is derived from hemp and adheres to the following regulations set forth in the new farm bill, it is removed as a Schedule I substance and is legal:
The hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC
(Ours does contain .03% or less.)
The hemp must adhere to the shared state-federal regulations
The hemp must be grown by a properly licensed grower.
(JOG is a properly licensed grower and they work with the State of KY Hemp Program and are certified. Based on all this I will now ship to all states.)

We also recommend you check your local laws as they may differ from state to state.

Profile Owner : Kerri Knack
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Revital U is a direct-to-consumer health and wellness company with a mission: To serve people from all walks of life, on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

Launched in September 2017, Revital U believes that you should try before you buy. All of the sample-first products: Smart Coffee, Smart Caps and Smart Cocoa come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Start experiencing more energy, improved mental focus, help with appetite control and restful sleep. Our business opportunity is also available in the United States and the United Kingdom, for those interested in a residual income.

Learn more at or message us if you would like a free sample or want to learn more about becoming a revital U Brand Influencer. Welcome to revital U, now we’ve got U covered 24/7.

I chose this company because I sampled the products through a friend and really liked how it made me feel.  My husband and kids use the products as well.