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Life’s Abundance
Lisa Costello
Luv Your Pets Longer is happy to represent Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food, Treats, Supplements and Spa Products for DOGS & CATS. Veterinarian Formulated by Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks since 1999,  Made in the USA, NEVER RECALLED  and Delivered FRESH to your door. SAMPLES Available at

Our Mission

At Life’s Abundance, we don’t leave factors that impact safety and quality to chance. Our commitment to providing our customers with premium products goes well beyond the formulas and the individual ingredients. To ensure the safety and quality of the final product, we exercise strict control, from preparation to packaging to storage. Immediately after each product is prepared, it’s shipped directly to one of our three climate-controlled warehouses. Our shipping departments take pride in the speedy yet careful handling of our products, ensuring that all orders arrive in great condition so that our valued customers will enjoy the products exactly as intended.
Here’s WHY it’s the Perfect Business for you and anyone! 

* Over 70% of Americans own a Dog or Cat!
* People Love Their Pets.
* Ease of Engagement. It’s easy to talk about pets!
* Pet food is already budgeted.
* Most people take better care of their pets than themselves.
* The average pet food auto ship lasts for years which creates a strong residual
* People will buy the best for their pets even in a bad economy
Please join me and the largest fastest growing team in the company.  Let’s help pets live longer happier healthier lives!

Packages start at $29.95 To learn more watch this video and fill out the contact form.  I’ll be in touch to answer your questions!

Pet Protector
Angela Love
Pet Protector

We have created the safest and the most effective product for the protection of pets against harmful parasites available today along with a life-changing business opportunity! Gain financial freedom TODAY, while at the same time helping thousands of pets with a product that is not only useful but an absolute necessity for all pet owners! Pet Protector has no competition as a product and as a business opportunity

Why I like the company

I live in Qld, Australia, where we have a sub-tropical climate and parasites, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, are a year-round problem and was at my wit’s end trying to control fleas on my outdoor dog, Cooper. Imagine my delight when I saw a product on the internet which claimed to offer several years protection against all external parasites and amazingly cost a fraction of the traditional chemical treatments I had been using. The product is called Pet Protector, which is a metal disc charged with scalar waves that repel all external parasites, especially fleas and ticks. I was a bit skeptical at first, as I don’t have a scientific background, and I had never heard of such a thing before.

After reading all of the information provided on the website, I decided that I would give Pet Protector a try. What the heck, it was less than $80, and I have spent far more on other products that didn’t work for us. If this was the real deal, then it would be small change over a 4 year period. In that time I would spend hundreds on chemical treatments, which offered varying results. I found I would have to swap and change treatments, previously, as the fleas seemed to become immune to the different treatments after a while.