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CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome
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CBD is the biggest and fastest-growing industry in the home business arena.
We have a standout, years ahead of the competition patented product and a totally free wholesale membership with an optional free business platform. Over 75 products, Free to join, Free personal websites, 60-day money-back guarantee, Third Party Lab Tested, Non-GMO, GMP Certified. Hemp is grown in the USA, 100% organic, Exclusive and Patented 10x Pure Hemp Oil, Paid Weekly, Expanding worldwide. Free Training and support and so many more benefits.

You Say You Have Tried Everything, Have you tried CBD Oil?

The Plant that often works when other medications fail.

I joined CTFO after doing research for myself on CBD Oil. To be honest, my intent was not to become an associate. I was looking for personal use. I was not against the idea, it was just not my main agenda.

I needed to find a way to get my health under control. Everything hit me all once. 3 surgeries were on the table and after all the others, this was going to be a last resort.  I had to find a way to manage my pain. Funny thing is, everyone seems to complain about housework but when you can’t do it and or can’t cook, it can make you feel bad about yourself, especially being a mom.  Taking care of everyone else has always been my thing. Now I couldn’t even take care of me.

For the first half of 2019, all I could do was rest. There is only so much Netflix a person can handle. I did my business from my phone/tablet. Slowly things started to improve, but I still am not where I want to be.  So I started researching CBD Oils and the benefits!

By August 2019,  the pain I was constantly taking meds for is now in a drawer. I am currently taking 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  To be fair, before CTFO, I was given a bottle of the same strength from another popular brand. I did feel more calm and relaxed but the pain was still there until now. I have not even finished my first bottle yet!! To use the word Excited, doesn’t even come close to how I feel now!

So of course, I will not only endorse this company and the products but I will tell everyone about how my business is already growing and I have not even really gotten started. In mid-July 2019, I came down with pneumonia. I am still dealing with it but can’t wait until I am back to the old me again and start telling everyone about this!

Do You Need a “FREE” Work From Home Business?
* NO Startup Fee
* Looking For Serious People 
* Paid Weekly
* Available in 22 Countries!

Why sign up on my team? I have been working at home since 2001, I have done extensive training with top leaders who specialize in online marketing.  The website you found this listing on also has many testimonials from people who have personally worked with me.  I am here to help assist you in building your business!
Totally debt free company! 
CTFO Products Include :

CBD Sprays and Pain Relief
Hair Growth Care
Pet Care
CBD & NON-CBD Products
Skin Care
Weight Control & Wellness

Our products help support or promote

healthy blood sugar regulation
optimal cardiovascular health
healthy cholesterol levels
healthy skin
cartilage and joint function
optimal immune function
healthy energy levels
a sense of well-being and so much more!

This Business is Free to join! 100% Legal, No Fees, No Signups, NO Purchase Needed. Unless you choose too.  
I didn’t want to join another company where an auto-ship was a must. Here it is totally optional. Depends on you and how you want to work your business. #1 rated CBD company worldwide and in 22 countries currently! Our websites include 4-page Certificate of Analysis gives so much more information to make a better choice for yourself and your family. Our manufacturer is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified.

If any of this has your attention and want to know more, check out my Facebook Page for product testimonies and or to the website.

You can contact me at any time and I am happy to help answer your questions or concerns.  Contact me at