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Nita Williams
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Our parent company, Ameriplan®, has been in business since 1992. Ameriplan® has an “A+” Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are with The National Association of Dental Plans and the Consumer Health Alliance.

We offer the National Child ID on some of our protection plans. National Child ID is offered by the AFCA in partnership with the FBI.

We are a service-based company. We do not sell products or do home parties, we don’t collect money or do any cold calling. We are a true work at home CAREER.

Our company offers American Consumers discount and protection plans that help them stay safe and secure while saving money. From Medical and Dental to Roadside Assistance and Identity Theft Protection, we are helping families save money! Americans have saved over 1 BILLION DOLLARS using our plans.

Daria Rosen
Look and Feel Great

When you look in the mirror are you satisfied with what
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Busy student?
Busy mom or dad?
Busy executive?
Somewhere in between or not at all?
Want improved or younger looking skin?
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As your Age-Defying Agent, I will assist you in
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