Behind the Scenes

It has been almost one year since we acquired our old domain name.  Wahm Addicts originated back in 2006. The business was sold 2 years later. July 2016, the domain became ours again! At that time here were our Alexa rankings: 

7/27/2016 21,750,943 n/a

Our Global rank is 21,750,943. The USA rank is n/a which means no date basically. You can learn more how Alexa’s traffic rankings are determined here

7/17/2017 921,846 148,901 33

Our Global rank today is 921,846.  Our USA Rank is 148,901. 33 is how many current links link to us!

As you can see the numbers have gone down considerably (which is good, the lower the better) over the past year. The fact that a year ago we had no date for the USA and in two weeks the USA rank was 1,273,432. Now we are at 148,901. There are many factors that go into this score so I won’t bore you with the details. You can learn more about it at Alexa.

We put a lot of time into our SEO (search engine optimization) for our site and continue to do some consistently. Simply put, if you advertise with us and no one sees it, what is the point?  We have posted this a few times, but I wanted to give you a brief summary of our numbers so you would have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. This was part of our original plan back in 2013.  Now it was back where it belonged.

Domain Auctions

Let me explain that via GoDaddy this domain was for sale for $3000.  I was not going to pay that for a domain that I started 11 years ago and had been sitting for many years. Knowing the age of the domain would be beneficial to our rankings but ultimately what we do with it was going to make all the difference. So after contacting Godaddy a few times, I joined the Auction program and was able to win it back for the price I paid to join the program. It was of no value to anyone but me.

So why am I telling you that I only paid $10 for a $3K domain? To give you hope and give you options. Just because Godaddy or another domain house has a price, that is not always your last resort. If you have a domain name in mind. Grab it! Be smart about the spelling though. Don’t use alternative ways of spelling thinking it will get found. That is not how search engines work.

Domain Ownership 

If you do nothing with it but sit on it, it has so much potential to make you money. Sure you will have to renew it every year, but if it ultimately can make you more money than you invested, why not? Try it out and go to and run a few options through for availability.  You can also look up ownership (unless it set to private) of a domain name and find out when it is set to renew WHOIS. Watch it and see if goes back into circulation.

There is more to purchasing a domain so do your research and ask a bunch of questions. GoDaddy was great at helping me along the way and I am not affiliated with them.   I found it fascinating how much money some domains were going for – Big money! For example, if you go to Godaddy and do a domain name search for it is listed as a premium domain. (“ What’s a premium domain? Premium Domain Names are more valuable than other domains because they are based on common words or phrases people often use in their online searches. While GoDaddy does not own these domains names, we are one of a select group of registrars that can introduce you to the sellers.”) $99,999.00*


Can you see the potential you could have for owning a premium domain? This does not mean that the owner would get that amount unless he found a buyer who was willing to pay it of course.   There are many other factors that go into this such as the age of the domain. I am not an expert but this was just our experience. If there is one domain you should purchase if you never purchase another one and that is your name. With the digital world, we live in, owning your name as a domain can benefit you as a security feature. Can you imagine if someone bought your name, who knows what they would do with it? You would have no way to control that. 

Stay Safe and Go After YOUR Dreams!

Linda Chisnall

Wahm Addicts