Email or Facebook? Both? How do you run your business?

Email Marketing

Is your inbox at zero? Everyday? Or is it full and you think it doesn’t really matter? If you are spending all your time on Facebook and posting in groups and jumping around to all the other Social Media Channels in the attempt to keep up with everything, I have one question for you? How is that working for ya? Seriously? Social media is meant to be a marketing tool.

It was built with community in mind. It was a way to build relationships. ANY form of Business; Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Brick and Mortar, etc utilize to the max their email marketing system. As it should be. You don’t see companies like Amazon, or Ford Motor Company handling every aspect of their business through Social Media. They use it to advertise yes! They also use it to redirect people to their website, sale, opt-in, newsletter.  This provides Control, Privacy, and Security.

Every time Facebook shuts down for 20-30 minutes, it is like total mayhem. People run their entire business via Facebook. Word of advice,  do not depend 100% on Facebook or any social media platform. If you have ever experienced Facebook Jail for one reason or another (I have!) it is not fun.  It is crippling to your business. Once you are flagged, what you can do is limited. It can be for a couple days, weeks or even longer. I know people who woke up and were locked out of Facebook completely and they had to jump through multiple hoops to get it back.

Reciprocating Website From Your Company

 There have been Direct Sales Representatives that have woken up to find they are locked out of their back office. Now what? How do they access customer information? Not keeping a spreadsheet or utilize email to keep all this organized. No backup system. Email will. It can help you keep things organized with proper labels and filters you can be more productive.
Not to mention, if you are with an MLM company and you decide this is not working out and you can change direction. All your prospects that were entered in that system goes back to the company. Those are your leads. Why give them all your hard work. Keep your leads in your own system so that no matter what business you are in, you can be in contact them. After all, you did all the work right?!
Email has fewer distractions. Contacts are concentrating on your information, not messages/notifications, etc. You are in control of the content; how much and how often you like.  As a result of your readers opting-in, you can begin a real connection and actually communicate when you want, not when Facebook allows your posts to be seen. 
Imagine if all or even half of your fans/likes became subscribers to your email list. What would that do for your business?  Email is where you have 100% of the attention of your subscribers 100% of the time. For this reason, it just makes sense, given the fact you are in control of your subscribers and the content they receive, and when they receive it. 
I hope I have given you a new approach to your email! Want to email me about this or anything? Send it to I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic.
To Your Success,