Use Facebook Pages to Drive Traffic to New Business

If you aren’t yet convinced on how a Facebook page can benefit your new business by driving traffic to it, you need to look at some of the stats recently released. The fact of it is, we live in a technological world that is more and more driven by social media. Facebook alone has proven to drive more traffic to businesses.

Setting up a Facebook page costs you no money. It’s easy to create, run, and develop, and it has the potential to bring new customers on board. New businesses can quickly gain exposure for their page by incorporating Facebook ads that link back to the Facebook page.

Facebook ads make it very easy to target your market-based on age, gender, location, hobbies, interests, career, education, work, etc. This means you can quickly bring targeted traffic to your site and provides you with the opportunity to begin bringing customers in much faster than in previous times.

Of course, it takes more than just having the Facebook page. Being the page is on the site of the social network giant it’s no surprise that it has a great deal of power. Facebook has launched technology that gives you the ability to be able to create a storefront on your page. You no longer have to drive traffic to your page and then to your website. You can do it all right on your page. More and more businesses recognize just what it can do for their business.

New businesses that recognize that a Facebook page can give them a head start on getting their new business rolling, are on the right track. They’ll reap the benefits of a Facebook page for years to come.

How to Use Facebook for Business

Let’s look at some of the most common ways to use Facebook for business.

1. First of all,  Name your page carefully.  You typically only get one chance to change it. This can be up to Facebook’s discretion so it is not always guaranteed.  If you do not have a bunch of followers, it may just be easier to start over. get a Facebook vanity URL so that users can easily find you. A vanity URL can be the name of your business, a product, etc.

2. Get a Facebook vanity URL so that users can easily find you. A vanity URL can be the name of your business, a product, etc.  Do not skip this step! This is your business and you want to take these little steps to leave a lasting impression.  This applies to your groups as well! Add your Facebook URL to your signature line for email, marketing campaigns,

3. Categorize your business. The drop down makes it easy.  Use keywords so you clients can find you during their search.

4. Complete the About section.  Again, use keywords, this will help you get found in the search engines, just not Facebook.

5. Combine Facebook with some of the other social media tools such as LinkedIn or Twitter. For example, someone asks you a question on Twitter, then post your answer to your blog and link that to your Facebook page. You see how you can bring things round circle and create cohesion.

6. Post a picture of your product brand or a professional photo of yourself. It’s always great to use a logo whenever possible.

7. Use your page to grow your branding. Add basic information to the page including links to your company website, information about the company, a mission statement, a newsletter subscription, etc.

8. Make sure you update your Facebook page regularly with helpful information, answers to questions, promotions being offered, etc. Remember the more you can engage your fan the more times they will visit, and the more people they will share the page with.

9. Use your page to promote your sales, new products, upcoming events, etc. Take full advantage of what a page can do for your business.

10. Use the Facebook search feature to find other fan pages related to your industry, business, career, or location and then network with these pages.

11. Use Facebook ads to bring people to your page. Pages that are interactive and offer the individual value with having no problem turning visitors into fans. Remember those fans can share with their friends and those friends can share with their friends. You can see how you can quickly grow your page.

If you have some questions about Facebook pages, drop me a message here and I will be happy to help!


Facebook for business isn’t a secret anymore. However, not everyone has learned how to maximize the value of the Facebook page to grow their business. Start with these ten tips on how to use Facebook for business and you will be well on your way to learning the true power of Facebook and business.

Watch out for our next blog post about Facebook and how to deliver the information your visitors want!

To your Success!

Linda Chisnall