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Our Business Directory is what we became known for! We were the only one to offer Exclusive Lifetime Business Directory Listings at an incredibly low price!

“Exclusive” meant we only allowed one rep per company. Why did we have this restriction?  During our extensive research, we found many reps were unhappy that many other similar sites offering the same type of listing and they felt there was favoritism going on behind the scenes and the competition was just too tight.

We also found that many had other types of restrictions that limited the voice of the business.  It ranged from 250 words or less to only one image was permitted and the list went on from there.

We wanted to be different. A few sites were not happy that we were joining the pack and we were doing it fast.

In fact, we won 2 awards within the first year and a half in business.  More about that here and here. We knew there was a need for women who worked at home to be heard!

Back in the early 2000s, we struggled to get our name out there. You had to have money and a lot of it in order to play the game.  So we started Wahm Addicts as a way to help those with a home business get seen and heard!

After all, those who are just starting out didn’t have a lot of money to pay for advertising.  I remember one popular website wanted $1500 a month for the top banner spot on their popular message board. A corner button spot was $50 a month back in 2005. If you had the money, it still didn’t matter because one company had a standing order so it was never available.

So you had to get creative when posting. I became really good at it.  So good in fact, that I built my then MLM business through that message board and was able to buy my husband the boat he wanted.

That same site is offering business listings for 3x our regular rate.

I am not about making derogatory remarks about other companies.  I am about telling it like it is.  I have seen it too many times, where women spend money they didn’t really have on advertising only to get zero return on their investment.  That makes me angry. So I do all I can to help get you seen.

Why are we different?

  • We give you an ENTIRE page dedicated to you and your business.  It is your chance for readers to get to know you and decide whether or not they want to connect with you.
  • Use up to 5 images per listing.
  • You can link your business to your blog, your replicating site or to a Facebook page.
  • Anyone can post a link on a website and hope they get traffic. We add your business tags to your listings for optimal search engine optimization. After all, what good is a listing if no one can find you?
  • We advertise your listing on our social media platforms!

Now, for the details.  To grab an exclusive spot in our directory for one year, the regular price is $50.  We feel compared to what is out there, that is already a deal.  However, for one week, the price is 50% off!

Yes, you can get a spot on our site with all we mentioned for one year for only $25.00

We have a BONUS for you! If your purchase is completed before July 4, 2019, we will upgrade your Annual listing to a LIFETIME listing!

If your purchase is completed after that date, then your listing will be for one year with the option to renew.

We will send you the information we need to add you to the website.

  • Review our directory. 
  • Check out our categories. If you need one that is not listed, let us know and we can include it making your business easier to find.
  • Don’t see your company represented, drop me an email at and we will verify availability.
  • Go through the listings as inspiration. See how others have showcased their businesses! Lots of great ideas!

This offer ends on July 7, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact us 

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