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Brought It Back For The Holidays!

It is without a doubt a busy time of the year! Planning parties, dinners, baking cookies and of course shopping! Finding that right gift for someone can be challenging, yet fun! My personal favorite is watching everyone’s expression while opening gifts. It is the best part for me!

I started to think about what happens to everyone’s business during this time.  Are they scrambling trying to meet quota’s or is it put on hold until January? Seems to be a mixture of both! Wondering if anyone buys a gift for their business? If they do, what would it be? How could we help?

Website Advertising or Facebook Groups/Events?

Recently, I read some posts about how time-consuming it has been to go from group to group on Facebook sharing sales. It comes down to just not enough time to get it all done and make it worth it. Especially when you consider the cost of joining events. We recently hosted a Black Friday Facebook Event ($25.00 one-time bundle fee)  and when comparing the costs, it is cheaper for an annual business listing ($27.00).

Back to Basics!

Back in 2013, we offered Lifetime Business Listings in our Directory. Our mission has always been to give those with a home business more value for their money and save time.  We wanted to make it different and give business owners a platform to share their story and offer real information.  Many other directories can be very restricting on what was allowed in regards to space, words, and images. Banner images on forums/message boards were very common but pricey, especially for those just starting out.

Let me ask you when you were searching for your home business, did you ever just want to get the facts up front before asking someone for details? Perhaps you had problems with an upline in the past and you wanted to get to know a potential sponsor before making that initial contact. We paid attention to more of the details we wished we could have been offered years ago when we joined directories like this. 

Making It Better!

So we designed our listings with a dedicated page written by you. A page with no limits on words or space. All the information you want potential team members or customers to know about you and your business before anyone ever makes contact. It is a great way to make a first impression and see if you want to build a relationship from that point. Include up to five images, your website, and Facebook URL. This can be your personal profile, your business page or a group. It had to be exclusive – with only one consultant showcasing a company. This would help eliminate competition. 

A great example is Mia Bella Candles.

Why am I using this listing as an example? To be honest, it has everything. It has a picture of Kristy who is the consultant so you know who you are dealing with. She tells her story and details about the business and the product itself.

This concept took off and has become what we are known for!  We recently changed that model from lifetime to annual for many reasons, but mainly because people are just not staying with one company for very long or they wake up one day and the company has closed the doors. This mainly applies to the Direct Sales Industry, but our directory includes anyone with any home business. It is searchable by category and if your business doesn’t fit into a category already listed, we will create one for you!


Wouldn’t it save you time and money to get listed for one year for what it typically costs for one or two events? We think so. To make it even better, we made this deal even sweeter! During this Holiday Season, we are offering the option to be listed for Life for the same price of an Annual Listing. Space is limited and this is a first come first served benefit.  

We double check for availability prior to accepting payment and submission of profiles. We do this to ensure that each listing is exclusive. This advertising option is right for you if you are dedicated to your company and want to get your business ready for 2018! This opportunity is only good for a limited time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us anytime at and we will do our best to help you any way we can! If you are ready to kick-start your business, click here!

We look forward to helping you boost your business next year!

Happy Holidays! 

Linda & Gina