Resources Bring Confidence and Control.


Building a business is challenging. There is so much to learn. Often times much of it is out of our scope.  Knowing what we need and where to find it requires so much research.  That is why we have been compiling a list of resources to help you. 

Let’s me start off by saying, the amount of FREE information out there is endless! Our Resource page has multiple links to find exactly what you need. Finances and Tax Compliance is something we all have to do and it may not be much fun, It is required if you’re going to build a strong and solid foundation.  If you haven’t done so yet, you may want to start immediately and make sure you and your business is not at risk.  Backtracking and fixing things may be required but the longer you avoid it, the worse a situation could potentially become.

Knowing your rights from the US Federal Trade Commission Business Center details the facts.  Legal matters require proper legal advice and we are not attorneys.  Perhaps you need documents, forms, and contracts.  Sometimes the budget does not allow for legal advice, but perhaps you need a guideline or verbiage. Our site has a few different options to chose from.

Could you use online training, workshops or mentors and low or no-cost? We found that too and lots of them! The  US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE can help you protect what is yours legally.  NASE – National Association of Self-Employment has some fantastic features such as a Break-Even Analysis Calculator or  Cash Flow Calculator.

Now all this can seem boring and I agree. However, when you take a minute and see what is truly available to you at little or no cost, why wouldn’t you research it? Securing your hard work is always worth it in the end.  Time and time again, I have heard many business owners regret not taking these steps in the beginning.  Only to have plenty of headaches later.

Investing in yourself takes on different forms based on what is important to you.  My family will benefit from my efforts. I am confident you feel the same way.  Follow this link  Come back to this post and tell us what you found useful.  We will be adding some new information, so check back soon!

To Your Success,

Linda Chisnall