Respect Before You Speak Or Type

Respect Before You Speak Or Type

Respect Before You Speak Or Type.

Please show respect before you speak or type anything online! As Americans we not only have the right to free speech, but we also hold the responsibility of treating others with respect. We are better than that!

 How many times have you felt like you:
  • had to be cautious of what you said out loud?
  • should be careful of what you post online, especially Facebook?
  • needed to scroll past posts because you knew if you commented, you would be verbally attacked?
  • it was time to unfollow family/friends because you just didn’t want to see “it” anymore?

Sound familiar? When you step back and look at the whole picture, it is rather sad. The amount of negativity and drama that is shared online every day. I personally avoid drama-big time. I have no room for it in my life and it serves no purpose.

Since when did everyone become, judge, jury, and executioner?

Creating content is one task that can be very tricky to compose it in a way that won’t be offensive or end up being taken out of context can be very complex. With that being said, I have to be me and point out the obvious that everyone seems to be going out of there way to avoid. As I said earlier, as Amercian citizens, we have the right to free speech. That, however, does not mean we should verbally voice negativity against others. Frankly, it is infuriating to watch and read. So many times, I would love to jump in and ask what gives them the right to be so harsh, name call and criticize one’s character, physical appearance, opinion, or anything else for that matter. As it was said, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

People who tend to voice their “opinion”, seem to forget that they are not perfect. No one is! We all should strive to do better and treat others as we would want to be treated. Posters may have a valid point and the right to be heard but how you go about it shows a side of you that may not show your true character. Most of us would not want to be judged on one incident.

For example, I follow local newspapers or pages that are local to my area. They talk about road accidents,  things going on around the city, someone has a missing dog, etc. I read the comments because they usually include updates from the time it was posted.  I tend to find over half of the comments are bashing of some kind.  What happened to the original post? It has been taken over by commentary that frankly doesn’t belong there.

The Point

Whether you agree or disagree with me is fine.  We can discuss it like mature adults without all the drama. In fact, I welcome a difference of an opinion because I want to know and understand someone else’s viewpoint. We can debate about it in a healthy way without it getting all kinds of ugly. If you want to debate, just have the facts ready.

I do notice that many who are guilty of the drama side of things do not have all the facts. This is where personal responsibility plays a major role, doing your own homework and fact checking before entering into a discussion like this. Typically there are two sides to every story, but as history has shown, there are in fact three. There are each other’s versions and then there is the truth.  Everyone seems to have their own version of that.  How many times do you wish you had a recorded a conversation because the other party denies ever saying XYZ? I know I have!


Whether you are on Facebook or anywhere for that matter, treating others with RESPECT should be automatic. By being negative or verbally attacking someone, what does it really accomplish? As the saying goes, don’t talk about religion or politics because it is sure to lead to an argument.  Statistics show this happens a lot over a holiday meal. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Having an online business also requires responsibility on my part on the image I uphold. Would I love to voice my two cents? You bet I would. I don’t.  We as individuals and as Americans, need to take a second look at how we conduct ourselves first.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Especially when it comes to online and social media. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. This country as a whole has steered so far away from that entire concept, We need to get back to that and so much more. Self Improvement is a good place to start.


I personally don’t post anything I would not want my 88-year-old mother to read. Yes, my mom is on Facebook. Often times, she will ask what is wrong and why did (Person A) post that. What is the meaning of it? Now, when I have to do damage control on my adult children, you bet I will. Parenting never stops. If I have to answer for it, so do they. Yes, they have the right to “their opinion” but it doesn’t make it right and they should know better. Most times, I tell my mom to keep scrolling and ignore it. As I think many of us should. Think about it, it may just bring some peace at least for the moment.

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:
Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” ― A Sufi Saying


Top 6 Things Not to Do as Home Business Owners

Top 6 Things Not to Do as Home Business Owners

Home Businesses Need to Know!

Through the years, it has been a privilege to speak with numerous individuals about their business and why it is important to them. Many have become friends, which is cherished. This blog entry is written to honor them by using our platform and voice to speak for them. For various reasons, many individuals feel negative and unethical behavior should not be addressed, as bringing it to the forefront just promotes awareness. We feel quite the opposite.

If those issues are not discussed or addressed, they will never change and those who participate in that type of behavior will continue with no accountability.  Negativity is a part of our day to day lives.  It will always be there; how a person handles it is key.  Over the past few months, there have been numerous instances of disturbing behaviors within the Work at Home Industry. We feel the need to stand up and say that it is not okay. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  We all have a lot invested in our businesses, not just financially. We take time away from our families to build our dreams. This is not just another home business opportunity for some of us. Many individuals we have communicated with NEED this to work. This IS their future. This IS their everything.

Some of the situations include people not acting professional, not acting like a real business owner and doing whatever they can to get ahead.  They have shown blatant disregard to those they’ve stepped on, told untruths, stolen work and insulted others. Let us be clear, these are real situations that no one wants to talk about because it could cause drama, rock the boat, make things worse, or it is just negative. So many have just let it go. Just in 2015, I have heard so many disturbing stories, I have to wonder why people think this is okay.

It is not okay to:

•    Copy someone else’s work. Be creative. We learned this in elementary school. Eyes on your own paper!  
•    Tell lies about what someone said or did. Be careful. They may be able to prove you wrong. When you think back to conversations you have had with others; can someone put you in the hot seat? People send messages privately but they can also share those private messages publicly. Be careful of what you say and who you say it to.
•    Take money from someone and then not provide the service or product that was paid for.  Check your policies and procedures.
•    Lie for your own financial gain.  If you make false income claims, it is more than likely against your company’s policy and is dishonest.
•    Spam individuals with your business opportunity when they didn’t ask for it.
•    Attempt to take advantage of individuals in vulnerable situations.  If someone doesn’t have money to buy their kids food, do you really think telling them a $400 investment is something they “have” to do to make their financial situation better?

Respect, honesty, and integrity will always take you further.  Cheating the system may help you get ahead, but are you really gaining something to be proud of if you’re always thinking up a new scheme or unethical method to grow your business?

Take a moment today and look in the mirror.  Do you like what you see?  Are you aware of your values or how you come across to others?  Treat others like you want to be treated.  In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.  You will have an honest business and a clear conscience when you succeed.