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3 Main Reasons I Chose SiteGround As My Hosting Company

  1. Better Customer 24/7 Support
  2. Safer
  3. Faster

I am going to be totally honest here. SiteGround Hosting was not my first choice. I have used a variety of website builders and hosting companies over the years.  GoDaddy, Hostgator, IPage, and BlueHost to name a few. Now all are good depending on what services are most important to you. Customer Service is huge for me.

Customer Service and Support

If I have too many bad experiences with customer service, I am moving on.  That being one of the reasons I have gone through so many hosting companies. Hostgator which was good, but I had many issues with the site being down and our site getting hacked.  The services from GoDaddy was great.  Their website builder didn’t have the features I wanted for our website; The Wahm Addict.  So I started over and went back to WordPress. Best decision I ever made. I will never change again.

When I decided to rebuild, I went with BlueHost. The process was easy and I had my site up and running in no time at all. Now, while I did this, I kept my original site up so I did not lose any downtime. I own 3 different domains (all from GoDaddy) so I just rebuilt using a different domain.  There is a bit of backstory behind the three domains.  You can learn about how we obtained our old domain selling for $3000 for just $10 in our blog post “Buying a Domain? Read This First!”

March 2017, I had my new site set up and ready to go but there were issues again with downtime and some other technical things that most BlueHost reps couldn’t help with. They would just pass me along to as a ticket with no real answers.  Signing on for support services and repeating that process a couple of times a day just to get a different representative to help was a huge waste of time. I could see if it was something on my end, but it was not and they clarified that point, but it was a little too late.  All my research and recommendations led me to something more reliable which was SiteGround. Even my cancelation from BlueHost and the refund was incorrect. The receipts proved it but it was just a joke by that point. I just accepted it and move on.


SiteGround offered free website migration which made the transfer to their server so much easier. That went a long way in my book. They walked me through my part of it and handled the rest. To this day, anytime I have ever had a problem it was handled very professionally and fast. If you have a website, you can do a free check your real-time status here: They pride themselves on 99.9% Uptime!

I personally have the GrowBig Plan. I chose it because of the extras I wanted was perfect for where I am in my business. An important ad on I selected is the SG Site Scanner Malware Monitoring. I get reports weekly and am notified of any issues immediately.  Upgrading is always an option.  After having my services for almost a year now, I have had exceptional customer service on the limited amount of time I have had to use them. When I did, I always used the “live chat”.

Loading Speeds Are Faster!

Bloggers, Business Owners, Designer & Developers all use this service They have a plan to fit your needs. I believe they are worth checking out.  Look, your time is important and not all companies take that into consideration. They may say they do, but you shouldn’t have to battle your hosting company to get the correct services and support you are already paying for. The same applies to your website. Every second count to grab the attention of your viewer. If your site takes to long to load, your potential client could be gone before they even have a chance to see what you have to offer! Don’t risk it!

I have expanded my business services to revamp websites for other small businesses and have shown them why they need to switch to a better hosting company. Through those efforts, many are either getting ready to make the switch or already have and the stats prove it in their bottom line.

I have recently worked with a CPA and showed her all the ways her website could be improved. Through that consultation, she told her “website guy” and he implemented the changes and within a very short period of time, she received 3 new clients from her website. She was excited!

A local hair salon asked me to revamp their website and Facebook page. Since the changes were made they have noticed a considerable about of traffic since. They will be migrating their site soon.


I am not a techie person, but I have a lot through all these processes. All things change over time and keeping current is a key component in moving your business into the future.  If I had to start over again, I would choose WordPress, SiteGround and use Divi Themes! If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me anytime!