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Our 100+ Stock Image Checklist Is Your Answer!

This free stock images resource is a handy guide for you to download and have ready anytime you are writing a blog post or scheduling your social media posts!  Ever find yourself wondering what to write about? An image can often give you the inspiration to write and the image you choose can be the perfect way to tell your story! Each website name is clickable so you can start browsing right away. Save your favorites and bookmark them!

Rules and Regulations

Let’s just get this out of the way before I get into the reasons why stock images are a perfect resource for you.  Some may advise you to stay away from stock images. I disagree, Sure, many of the stock photos been overused. However, it is about your brand. The content you are adding. If an image connects with your story then you should use it.  However, don’t skip the steps in making sure you are permitted to use it. Crediting is not enough.
Inside my consulting practice, I am always bringing awareness to the laws of working at home.  I have spoken to many network marketers who still believe that they are allowed to use any image they find, especially those on Google. Not true. In fact, using Google images is pretty risky along with other images you are not permitted you to use. I can lead to serious consequences such as fines and losing your work. It is just not worth all the time and effort you apply to build your brand/business to lose it on a short cut.

Want to know more about copyright?

Get the facts first!  There are many articles online that discuss in detail the Use of Online Images, what is allowed, what is not and how to find out the difference. It may seem like a lot of extra work to take the time to research said images, but would you rather do that or take the risk and get fined? I know, I could do without a fine!

Create Your Own Images

With today’s technology, you can create your own images. There are loads of apps to choose from to help you create something special.  You can get them on the AppStore or Google PlayStore for example. Then it is truly yours and you don’t have to worry! Just be sure to tag your photos or use a watermark if you are worried about someone compromising your creative rights. You can use editing software such as Canva (it is one of the links we included in our list) to help you with this. It is an awesome tool that can help you brand your images, create watermarks and even transparent images too.

Purchase Stock Photos!

Again, you still have to research your rights to use them including how long and in what way. I am not trying to scare you, but I want you to be knowledgeable about copyright and using other peoples content. I myself have had my images with my business tag right on the image be used in another marketers business on Facebook. I let it be known that I knew about it and asked for it to be removed. Of course, she was not happy, but if you have a business, it is your job and responsibility to know how to use images online.

We have been compiling this list for a long time now. Actually this the third and final update we have done. Many who put out a list like this, don’t update it. As of our last update, these sites were still active. By downloading this PDF, you will have access to more images than you will ever use!  Some sites offer free images every month for subscribing to their email list. Just get to know them and what they offer.


Wahm Addicts has always been about resources to help you with your business. Be sure to check out our Resource Page for more ways to learn, save money and time! You will Never Run Out of Images again with our checklist. It will provide you with beautiful images to tell your story. Images are a crucial component for anyone who is in any type of digital marketing.

Are you wasting time searching for images for your blog or social media posts?

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