Don’t consider yourself a writer? Ads not converting well? Are your emails getting opened?  This book is not just full of a bunch of phrases. It offers a true understanding to copywriting and what it should include. The 152 pages prove to be a valuable asset in selling online.  A comprehensive guide that includes How to Write Copy That Sells,  Seven Steps to Writing Winning Slogans, Descriptive Qualities/Products, and Services & Descriptive Qualities of People and Personalities.  Any reader should be able to find it immediately useful.

Ready Reference for Attention Grabbing

Writing product descriptions for online stores such as Etsy can help boost sales. Creating marketing headlines that get opened helps your bottom line.  Deadlines can bring pressure that no one wants or needs for that matter. Having a resource that can help ease some of that some are a definite must have especially for those times when writer’s block sets in.  Taking the chance of using the wrong phrase could make all the difference in your opportunity to make that sale.


Here you will find the blog posts I wrote about Words That Sell and More Words That Sell.  I have all three sitting on my desk for quick and easy reference and I use them all almost daily.  Phrases that Sell helps get your message out! Should you have any questions on these books, please feel free to reply to this blog post, I am happy to help.  If you already have it, I would love to know your thoughts about it.

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~Linda at Wahm Addicts 🙂