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CBD Business

The CBD industry is HUGE! It is EVERYWHERE! There are so many companies to purchase CBD Oil from but how do you choose?  I just wanted something to make me feel better, relieve the pain so I could get back to being me. I don’t know what kind of pain you are in or what health challenges you are dealing with, but if you have never tried CBD products, I encourage you to talk to your doctor and seriously consider trying it.  My pain was serious. I just wanted it to stop. When my doctors started discussing surgery, I knew it was time to try an alternate option. 

I did a lot of research prior to trying, buying and joining a CBD company. The key to getting what YOU need is  – research! By that I mean, do your own investigating. Talk to people AND not just store clerks. Many can be very helpful, while others have been shown to not really be as knowledgeable as they claim. Part of my research was looking for negative reviews because there is always someone who has a negative thing to say about one company or another. I figured if I found that, it would help me get to the facts that much sooner.

I was leary about trying just any company. The return policy on some companies was unreasonable. 30 days wasn’t enough as instructions state to start small and build to find what works best. Some of the prices were just crazy. I have no problem paying for a good product if it does what it claims. I am just over the hype.

I was not looking for another business.  Many believe that if a company is free to join, has no quotas or website fees it isn’t real or not worth it. If it is MLM or Direct Sales, then it must be a scam or pyramid scheme. That is simply NOT true! I have been with many Network Marketing companies over the last 18 years and I know what I want and what I don’t.  My priority was always my health first. However, if I find a product that works, I will have no problem promoting something I believe in. If I don’t believe in it, I will tell you that too and why. 

CBD for Pain

I have done physical therapy, different medications, and shots. While it did help for a short time, the pain did come back and I was left feeling where I started. I didn’t want to keep getting more medication and more shots. That is not the way I want to live. During my research, I was reading blogs and watching videos from websites that were not endorsing one brand or another. After all, everyone thinks theirs is the best!  Here is one of the reviews I found. MarijuanaBreak. 

My regular cardiologist and my specialist at the University of Michigan were both on board with me using CBD products. I checked out some local stores selling CBD oil. After reviewing the websites of these products, I was actually afraid to trust it. Many didn’t have enough information or even showed their 3rd party testing. If I have to hunt for basic information, that is a red flag for me. I have personally tried these next two companies. I wanted to be fair but in this industry, I learned that all CBD is not created equal. I wanted something that was organic and made in the USA. 


A friend of mine knew I was looking into this and she gave me a brand new sealed bottle of Hempworx 750 mg 1oz/30ml to try.  I was so excited to try it. I had heard a lot about it,  talked to a few reps and asked some questions about it and other oils in general on my Facebook business page. The answers received were a lot of mixed messages and solicitation.

Everyone’s health issues are different just as everyone’s tolerance for pain is also different.  With that being said, after thirty-days of trying this oil from my friend (who is not a rep), I was still left with pain and taking medication. It just wasn’t enough for me. 750 mg was the strongest they had. I knew it was time to try something else. The bottle was almost gone so it had to be soon.

Natural Native Liposomal CBD Extract Spray

My brother in law gave me a bottle of his CBD Oil because he claims he couldn’t take it with his blood pressure meds. This spray is 1000 mg.  With a concentration like this, one would think it would stand out and really help with the pain. Well, I had to take my pain meds again along with this so what was the point.  I found this CBD is sold at Family Video stores here in Michigan.  Making this kind of purchase from a gas station or video store is not for me. 


A friend starting a new Facebook Page and it turned out to be about a CBD Company name CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome. Now this friend of mine, I had worked with back in the early 2000s was big on research and then researching the research! If she was with this company, I knew I had to at least check it out.  After talking with her on the phone, her advice was to just try it and if you don’t like, just send it back and get your money back! She was pretty sure I would like it and that it would help my situation.  It did!

I knew for sure when I fell asleep one night and forgot to take my CTFO Full Spectrum 750mg. The pain was back, I never missed a dose after that.  Since that first bottle, I finally found a product I could take without having to rely on pain meds. Just the CBD Products. The better I felt, the more I was able to do. 

CBD for my 89-year-old Mom

My mom called me wanting to try it after talking with her doctor for her joint pain and inflammation. Prescription creams before but they never really worked to the level she needed. She is unable to take traditional pain medications because of another health issue and Tylenol Arthritis just doesn’t cut it. 500mg is what she is taking twice daily now and is sleeping better, and the pain is more manageable. We recently added our new 10xPURE-GOLD Roll-On, Muscle & Joint Relief. For her nerve pain from an old car accident.  I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to have finally found something that has helped her after all these years!


After taking BP meds for years now  I noticed my numbers have improved since being on CBD oil consistently for the past 6 months. Does CBD Oil have something to do with that, I cannot confirm just yet, but in the next couple of weeks.  I am just going by the timing. When you make a purchase of whatever it is, you expect it to do what it claims on the label. CTFO does that!

When I heard that the owners of this company get paid the same way as the reps, I had to take a second look. I joined the business because it gave me preferred pricing + being on Auto-ship (not required) saved even more. The business side and the compensation were different than I had ever seen before.  I could choose to work or not. I wanted it to work and I wanted the discounts! That grabbed my attention, but what sold me on the business was that it was free to join, no upfront costs and I didn’t need to meet a quota to earn money.  I not only started making money right away, but I was advancing quickly! 

Can you relate to my story? Are you in pain and looking for an alternative? Message me, it’s time to stop hurting! Hopefully, this information was informative for you and will help you make your choice!

Happy Holidays!

Linda Chisnall, CTFO Executive Manager 


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