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Working at Home is Real

Being work at home mom is different for each woman who decides to embark on this journey. There is a difference between having a home business and a job you do from home. Deadlines, quota’s and children are enough to make you rethink this decision. It is one that should be thought out thoroughly. There is a lot to figure out and getting the right information is not always an easy task. 

Many mislead others into believing the money you make is worth the investment. Wait, what? An investment? Yes, an investment of some kind at some point is required. It could be financial or an investment of time. Again this all depends on if you are which side of this you enter.  

If you can work from home for your current employer that is a different world entirely.

What I am referring to is to become a consultant or freelancer or maybe even start your own business! 

Finding a work at home job is another option entirely.  Just be sure it is legit. 

I wish I would have gotten into this world sooner than I did. You can always learn something new and the opportunities are literally endless.  When I started, I was skeptical of everything. I have tried many avenues before I found what works for me and my family.  


If you are serious about becoming a work at home mom, I encourage you to please do your own research. Talk to different people BEFORE jumping in at an opportunity that sounds amazing. 

Network marketers can smell you coming a mile away.  Ask the tough questions and the sleep on it … for a while. 

Let me just add, that if you are reading this and you are considering this option seriously, feel free to reach out to me. I am not here to pitch you ANYTHING! I will gladly tell you my story and the truth about the industry.  I am in no way bad mouthing any of it.  I am just stating that there are some who will tell you whatever they think you want to know to get you to join their company. This is not about them, It is all about you and your family. 

Our Journey

When we restarted this business in 2013, we had no idea where it would take us. All we did know was we were here for the long haul. Like most businesses, we had our stumbling blocks but we overcame them and we are still here going strong.

One year later, our business; The Wahm Addict Won  #41 for the Top 100 Moms in Business 

Our goal is still to provide resources that save time and money for anyone working at home or considering it, regardless of the level you are at, we have it. 

One of our favorite aspects of being an entrepreneur is developing and creating new ideas that benefit others who work from home. Breathing life into a concept and having it serve a purpose or be a solution is very empowering.

  • Listening – It is vitally important to practice good listening skills to assist your clients in reaching their goals.
  • Communication – Communicating effectively in all aspects, including person-to-person, email, social media, etc.
  • Be Teachable – Be honest with yourself and realize owning a home business is a learning process. Continued education and training is a must when you are a home business owner.

Our greatest inspiration is Customer satisfaction inspires us to keep doing what we do!

The next year The Wahm Addict Won the Savviest in Social Media Category from StartUp Nation. I came across the interview that we had with StartUp Nation. While reading it, the same concepts still hold true today.  

Our business and services and social media have changed a lot since then. Our website is only a small portion of who we are what we do. Our goal has always been to give you 110%


Why am I telling you all this? To show you that anything is possible. We created a service based business from the ground up. Yes, it was a long road to get here. We can do what we love and serve others in helping them succeed in their own endeavors. Lifting other women up to be work at home moms too!

Linda Chisnall ~ WahmAddicts




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